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Services by South East Funeral Care

The bereaved family is offered a variety of services from which to choose.
  • No Attendance Cremation
  • Graveside Service
  • Chapel Service Cremation or Burial
  • Church Service Cremation or Burial
  • Private Family Service at a venue in a home, garden/park, beach, riverside…the sky is your limit
South East Funeral Care can be contacted 24 hours a day on 03 9799 1144.

Basic Care Services Offered:

GRAVESIDE SERVICE using Funeral Director Celebrant. Flat lid coffin in choice of colours. Funeral notice only in the Herald Sun. Making arrangements with family, completing forms and applications and lodgement of forms and applications. Floral Tribute. Includes transfer to mortuary and preparation. Professional staff provided. No mileage charge under 200kms. CREMATION Flat lid coffin. Making arrangements with family, completing forms and applications. Includes transfer to mortuary and preparation. Doctors certificates. No mileage charge under 400kms.


MOURNING COACH/ES – hourly rate applies. Family viewing – no extra charge. Viewings can take place at a crematorium chapel, church or suitable family location. We visit the family in their own home to make arrangements, and offer services with providing staff of either all women, all men, or men and women. Our own Funeral Celebrant or family’s choice of clergy can lead the funeral. A funeral service can be conducted at venues other than a church or chapel. Eg. Outdoors, private homes, clubs etc. Catering can be arranged. We are happy to discuss any other needs a family may require that are not included in the above. Most funerals can be arranged to suit family financial circumstances. All payments are COD by cheque, cash or bank card, or financed to approved clients. PRE-ARRANGED FUNERAL CONTRACTS can be completed at any time with a client. Their wishes are documented and filed with the funeral director and himself/herself, or a family member. Upon death, the funeral is arranged as per the contract. The cost of the funeral is subject to price rise from the time the contract is signed. A PRE-PAID FUNERAL CONTRACT can also be arranged on a monthly repayment scheme from as little as $25 per month. However, with this system, if death occurs before the contract has been paid in full, the family will incur the cost of the balance of the contract, plus any price increases since the contract was signed.

Organising a Funeral:

We are listed in the Yellow Pages Metropolitan Region Directories and in the Seniors’ Directory. Arrangements and documentation can be completed prior to a family death. Family information that sometimes can be difficult to find at short notice is as follows:
  • Date of Birth
  • Birthplace
  • Occupation
  • Age at Marriage
  • Date of Marriage
  • Place of Marriage
  • Previous Marriage Details (if applicable)
  • Years in Australia (if applicable)
  • Fathers Full Name
  • Mothers Full Name & Maiden Name
  • Fathers Occupation
  • Mothers Occupation
  • Special Requests (ie. is deceased ex member of RSL, Lodge etc)