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Cremation Services

Cremation Services by South East Funeral Care

The bereaved family is offered a variety of services from which to choose.
Cremations are often requested in wills, and our professional staff can create a lovely ceremony based around the cremation that your dearly departed loved one has requested. A cremation service can be held in many places, and our professional staff will handle all the arrangements from beginning to end. The cremation service often happens before the cremation itself. Our staff will help you to choose a casket for the viewing at the service, and we will provide you with additional assistance including the organization of the ceremony. We can send out invitations to the ceremony, make phone calls for you and ensure that everyone who should be there is present. You may have your service in our chapel, at a mausoleum or at a cemetery. We will take care of your service in the way that you choose, ensuring that details are organized to your expectations. The cremation happens directly after the ceremony, and you will not have to be present. Our professional caretakers handle the body with respect, perform the cremation and properly prepare the remains. Your loved one's ashes will be sent back to you within a week of the ceremony date. Our staff members make special deliveries to all our clients, and the ashes are packed in beautiful boxes or urns to commemorate your loved ones. You have many choices when making these arrangements, and your loved one's ashes will arrive in the container that you have chosen. We know that the funeral of someone dear to you can be a traumatic experience. It may be difficult to hold your emotions together at a time like this, so our staff does everything for you at this difficult time. You will receive a lovely ceremony, get customized care and receive the ashes of your loved one during a personal visit from our staff.